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Here's the Scoop: Andrew May

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Andrew is the Chief Growth Officer at v2food Australia

1. Why did you choose advertising/marketing as a career path?

Growing up I was always fascinated by advertising and how creativity was used to communicate with consumers. Throughout my business degree I discovered more about what went on behind the scenes within the marketing function and was drawn to understanding how people think and how complex challenges can be overcome through marketing.

2. What's the best advice you'd give to your younger self who's just started their career?

Be a sponge... There is so much to learn through curiosity. Observe great leaders & successful campaigns but also ensure to observe what doesn't work and seek to understand why. There's no prescribed right or wrong way to grow your own career but there's many people and paths before you that you can learn from.

3. What do you look for when hiring young people?

The right attitude and willingness to grow. In marketing we are constantly learning so having a discovery mindset will grow someone to increase their potential. Having a general interest in what's going on around you and observing the broader marketing scene will always be much more beneficial than simply turning up and "doing the job".

4. How do I make my resume stand out?

The first page is critical to quickly show what you bring to an organisation in a succinct and easy to read way. Keep in mind that a hiring manager may have to flick through a pile of resumes so an easy to see list of your skills, attributes & relevant experience to quickly communicate why you should be considered for a role.

5. What skills have been most beneficial for you?

Critical thinking and the ability to bend the mind to see things from another perspective. Often we see challenges & marketing problems only from our own viewpoint however often the solutions can come easier if you are able to take a more wholistic view and consider from all angles what is trying to be solved for, what the barriers are and then start to probe all angles with potential solutions.

6. Do you need a degree?

A degree is not necessary to be successful however it is a shortcut to being considered for roles, especially earlier in your career. Most larger companies require degrees so if your aspiration is to work for big established brands then it may be prove a hurdle.

7. What was a key lesson you learnt in your career to date?

You are the only one that is responsible for driving your career. Others around you will support you and help you to grow but it is on you to drive your next steps. Learn from others to seek how to understand the speed of your growth, when to look to progress and how to have the right conversations to achieve progression.

8. Have your reasons for joining the industry changed over time?

Starting out I landed in marketing as an area that interested me and allowed me to have a career however as time has progressed I've learnt that marketing can be used to have a positive impact on the planet, over & above achieving commercial results. Finding a role that also aligns with your personal values goes a long way to believing in what you do and finding success both personally and professionally.

9. Have you ever failed? How did you react?

Failing is part of the journey and learning how to fail feels less like failing and more like learning. Often the first feeling is wanting to be defensive but being clear about what happened, seeking to understand if you could have done things differently and communicating with key stakeholders the lessons allows everyone to learn. It can be an uncomfortable journey but facing in to failures provides greater growth than sweeping it under the carpet.

10. If you had the chance to re-do your career knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

There is so much to learn outside of just what we are currently doing. During my degree I would have sought out marketing experience to get my foot in the door and gain an understanding about the world I was getting in to. Throughout my career I would have looked more for mentors and gaining insight from various different angles and people that had taken different paths on their career journeys. Keep an open mind and keep learning!

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